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Here’s My Review After Trying Keto Chow For 10 days


After months of my best friend trying to get me to try out Keto Chow, I finally decided to give it a shot. I used Keto Chow for 10 days…and It’s safe to say that I’m NOT disappointed.

After that, I went ahead to post a video review on Instagram, and within a few hours, my DM was flooded with questions.

So, I’ve decided to take out time to write this post to give a bit of an in-depth review on Keto Chow and answer all the common questions that people have when deciding whether or not to try this meal replacement product.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Wanna try out Keto Chow too? You can purchase it here on Amazon.

What is Keto Chow?

Keto Chow Chocolate Flavor | MySexyHealth
Keto Chow Chocolate Flavor (my personal favorite)

Let me be honest, when I decided to try out Keto Chow, I didn’t think of it as anymore than a protein shake.

But I was wrong!

Keto Chow is MUCH MORE than a protein shake. I’d say it’s a complete keto meal in the form of a drink mix.

According to the company, the idea is to make keto easy especially for busy people like you and I who may need to fix breakfast or lunch on the go.

It’s not meant to replace your keto meals. That means you can still enjoy your bacon and steak. So, you could replace, say breakfast and lunch, with Keto Chow and prepare dinner by yourself.

According to the official website, a serving of Keto Chow could supply as much as 33% of your daily nutritional needs of electrolytes, fat, vitamins, proteins, etc.

Another thing worth mentioning is that fact that it has a range of exciting flavors. The chocolate, cookies & cream, and vanilla flavors are my favorite. And yes, they all taste delicious!

With regards to taste, I feel like it has a taste and texture similar to ice cream or even milkshake. If you prefer, you may use yours with heavy cream (just like me).

How Do You Mix Keto Chow?

Mixing Keto Chow is easy. Here is a pictorial illustration I found on their website.

Step 1 – Select The Fat Source Of Your Choice

Step 1 - How to Mix KetoChow | MySexyHealth

The most common fats used are heavy cream, melted butter or avocado oil. Personally, I prefer using mine with heavy cream.

Step 2 – Empty Your Keto Chow Powder Into Your Mixing Bottle

Step 2 - How to Mix KetoChow | MySexyHealth

Keto Chow has 21 delicious flavors (as at the time of writing this post). My personal favorites are the chocolate, cookies & cream, and vanilla flavors.

Step 3 – Add Some Water

Step 3 - How to Mix KetoChow | MySexyHealth

Add water to match how thick or think you prefer your keto shake. For me, I absolutely love it thick, so I use just a little bit of water. 

Step 4:  Shake, Chill, and Enjoy!

Step 4- How to Mix Keto Chow | MySexyHealth

You can enjoy your Keto Chow right away or keep it chilled in the fridge for up to 6 days. Personally, I like blending mine with ice cubes and enjoying it right away.

Nutritional composition of Keto Chow

The main ingredients in Keto Chow are: Protein Powder, Acacia Gum, Potassium Citrate, Salt, Custom Vitamin/Mineral Pre-Mix, Xanthan Gum, Flavor, Sweetener (varies).

The Nutritional facts of Keto Chow for 1 scoop dry mix, 1/4 cup with avocado oil, and 1/2 cup with heavy cream are shown in the image below.

Nutritional facts KetoChow | MySexyHealth
Nutritional facts of Keto Chow

For additional information, you can visit their Nutrition Information page for the details on each individual flavor.

My Keto Chow Review

As a busy professional, one of my biggest struggles with keto is making out time to cook lunch and dinner. I usually skip breakfast because I am mostly on a 16-8 fasting plan. Lunch time is when I take Keto Chow – I think of it as having dessert for lunch. For dinner, I usually prepare a proper keto meal.

After 10 days of replacing my lunch with Keto Chow, I don’t constantly think about food after lunch. The shakes actually fill me up.

With regards to flavor, I tried out 7 different flavors but only 4 of those 7 flavors were appealing to my taste buds.

Overall, if you’re looking for a keto meal replacement shake, I would recommend trying out Keto Chow because they seem to be the best on the market. Other shakes I’ve tried tasted funny, so I’m sticking to this one.

It’s also note-worthy to mention that they have an active Facebook support group and a sub-reddit where you can do some additional research before buying.

Got additional questions, check out their exhaustive FAQ section

Why Is Keto Chow Expensive?

I did a quick check on Amazon for reviews of Keto Chow and I spotted a review like this.

Keto Chow Amazon Review | MySexyHealth

This begs the question (that is probably on your mind as well) – why is Keto Chow expensive?

You see, I totally get it.

A lot of people feel Keto Chow is pricey because of the price tag of $79 on Amazon (or $2.18 per ounce). And to be honest, this was exactly how I initially felt too.

But then, I decided to do some research that involved comparing Keto Chow to fast food and home-cooked meals.

You can check out the table below for the data from that research.


From the data above, do you still think Keto Chow is expensive?

If you consider the fact that Keto Chow requires little prep time, supports individual customization, and costs under $5 per meal, you might arrive at the same conclusion with me – which is that Keto Chow is NOT expensive.

If you’re interested in purchasing Keto Chow, you can purchase it easily on Amazon.

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